Your humble author, Iceland, 2019

What is a Sauerkraut Yankee?

The term originated as an insult by Confederate soldiers in the American Civil War toward the Pennsylvania Dutchmen fighting in the Union army, and in time after the war became a general nickname for the Pennsylvania Dutch as a whole. It reflected their German ethnicity and cultural “otherness” in the mostly-true stereotype as sauerkraut-eaters surrounded by an English-speaking society.

Who is this Saukerkraut Yankee?

My name is Adam, I’m originally from Pennsylvania, and I’ve been living in Germany for a number of years now. It seemed like a clever name. But I really do like sauerkraut.

What’s to be found here?

Isn’t that the million-dollar question? While this wasn’t intended as a food blog, I do eat and cook a lot and have strong opinions about food both by itself and as a means of conveying identity and culture. I’ll probably get into that in more detail. I also like to travel, read, sing, drink, brew, and many other things. This is as much of an adventure for me as it is for you.

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