Happy Fastnacht!

The season goes by many names. Shrovetide in the larger English-speaking world, Carnival or Carnevale in large parts of southern Europe and Central and South America , Karneval in the Rhineland, Fasching in Austria and here in Bavaria where I live, Mardi Gras in parts of the American South, Fastnacht in Alemannic German-speaking Europe andContinue reading “Happy Fastnacht!”

Frankfurt Green Sauce (Grie Soß)

It had been mostly cold and rainy through most of June. But this past week was when summer finally hit here. Or at least the summer I know: hot, muggy, insect-y, green. The sort of days that make you want to hide in the shade or go jump in the river, the kind of nightsContinue reading “Frankfurt Green Sauce (Grie Soß)”